Description : Fished commercially in moderate quantities. The
fish grows to 180cm. Its meat is firm, with a large flake and
moderate fat content and is normally sold in whole form.
Season : Sept to Mar
Description : This is a popular food fish that grows to a
maximum size of 45 cm. Commonly sold as whole fish.
Season : Aug to Dec
Description : Most red snappers are prized in both local and
overseas market for its firm versatile flesh. They are sold in
whole and fillet forms.
Season : Sept to Dec
Description : They are known for their similarity to cod with a
mild flavor and white flaky texture. Stays moist when cooked.
Grows to above 120 cm and forms important part of trawl
landing from NW coast of India.
Season : Mar to Jun and Oct to Dec
Description : They occur large shoals and form part of pelagic
fishery with moderate quantity. With flesh of excellent flavour,
it is utilized mainly in whole and headless forms. It grows to a
size of 15cm.
Season : Oct to Apr