Description :This is the largest commercially available shrimp
and is one of most popular varieties of shrimps on the Asian,
American and European market. They get their name from the
dark bands encircle their shells which turn bright red on
cooking and retains its color for several days when refrigerated
after cooking. They are sold in Headon, Headless and Peeled
forms. They are extensively farmed in India and also are
abundantly caught from wild along Indian coast.
Season : Through out the year with peak in Jun to Dec
Description : Small sized shrimps with firm texture and good
flavour. They are mostly sold as salad shrimps in peeled form.
Season : Feb to Sep
Description : Moderately landed along east coast of India. The
flesh has red bands and its delicate sweet flavor is highly
regarded. Mostly sold in Head On, headless and peeled forms.
Usual size in commercial catch is 13-15 cm.
Season : Peak in Oct to Feb
Description : Known as poovalan and contributes about 35%
of marine landings of India. They are sold in headless and
Peeled forms
Season : Jul to Oct
Description : Famous giant freshwater prawn, this shrimp has a
fine delicate flavor and commands good market price in local
markets as well as in foreign trade in both developing as well as
in developed countries of the world. They are sold in Headon,
Headless and Peeled forms
Season : Sept to Nov and May to Jul